Problems backing up DVD

I want to back up a DVD in my collection, so I’ve ripped and compressed it, but it says that I don’t have enough disk space on one of my DVD-Rs. I’m using Roxio Toast 6 Titanium to burn, and it says that I need a disk with 2311200 sectors, but the disk only has 2298495 sectors. Anyone have any advice?

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Try to use dvd decrypter to rip DVD on HDD, and then use dvd shrink to compress it to fit on a single layer disc, setting as output an ISO file.

Then use imgburn to burn the ISO file.

Hey, thanks! :slight_smile:

Do those work on a Mac?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Probably these will not work in a Mac. For what I know these are wondows only.

If I’m not wrong there is a windows emulator for Mac systems, but probably compression will be painfully slow :frowning:

On a Mac, maybe MacTheRipper and some other tools.

Yes MacTheRipper will work and there are some other tools as well for Macs, I don’t have any links on hand but shouldn’t be very hard to find with Google