Problems backing up DVD 3 from Kingdom Hospital

First of all, it is a Red DVD from Sony. About a week before i had the same problems with Bewitched (also a Red DVD). I used Any DVD and DVD Shrink, both latest Versions. I got it Run. Now i have the Problem to make a Backup of the 3rd DVD from the 4DVD Box Set of Kingdom Hospital.From DVD 1,2,4 i made a backup with no Problems,only DVD 3 i had no chance to back up this DVD.

Anybody same Problems ??? :sad: :sad:

After testing some stuff i got it to work 99,8 %. Why 99,8 % ???. Because the File Video_TS_VTS_03_0.IFO doesn`t wont to work. DVD Decrypter backing up all files accept this one. Message Error i got from DVD Decrypter is :Reason.Invalid IFO/BUP. :a :a :a

What`s that error

I got it to work now with the newest Version of CloneDVD.
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