Problems backing up CD+Gs

I’ve read many of the posts here, and learned some valuable information. I’m trying to backup some of our karaoke discs. However, despite trying both CloneCD 4 and Alcohol 120% (both set to read sub-channel data), I cannot successfully complete the backups, I just get coasters. The general result is that the audio is OK, but that the graphics quickly become distorted. I have tried burning at the maximum speed, and have reduced it down to 4x for read and write, without success.

I use the CD-R to read and write.

Before I make more coasters, can someone shed some light on my problem. Is DiskJuggler the answer? CDRWin? Should I reduce the speed further? Should I increase the speed?

Important parts of my system:
Acer w. P3-550
Windows 98SE
Lite-on 24102b (USB2.0)


not to clued up on it my friend but from what ive been lead to believe cdrwin was always the kiddie for such tasks…

Hi GoAheadMkMyDay.

Feel free to use the DiscJuggler Demo Edition to test to see if our software will handle the duplication of this disc any better.

Below is a link to our tutorial on how to duplicate a CD+G disc. Since you are using a Lite-ON drive you will want to follow the b-track of step #2, making sure you select “R-W (CD+G)”, “PQ”, and “RAW”.

If the quality issues still persist I am afraid that you are looking at an issue caused by the drive. Make sure your firmware is up-to-date and see if the quality has improved. Padus has experienced better results with some drives for reading and writing CD+G than other drives.