Problems backing up blu-ray movies



I just wanted to first off say hello to everyone here. I am not sure exactly where I should be posting this but this seemed to me the most likely place. I own a bunch of blu-ray movies and my fiance bought me a blu-ray burner (the LG BE06) and I have yet been able to make a successful backup using a 50 gig BD-RE (TDK). More interesting, I tried to backup Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The disc is 50 gigs! However, when I go back to burning it to a 50 Gig BD-RE, Imgburn tells me the disc does not have sufficient space even after I fully erase the disc. Does anyone know why?

Secondly, I tried to back up Enchanted (also a 50 Gig disc) but when I burned it using Imgburn (also using TDK 50 Gig BD-RE) it will only play the movie previews and not load up the main movie on the ps3. I found a guide on this site and am going to follow it today in hopes of successfully backing up Enchanted. I did not make an iso using Imgburn the first time, I tried just using the folders that Anydvd extracted; so, I was guessing I did something wrong.

Anyways, that problem with Fantastic Four is really bothering me. Could it be the disc? Maybe I will buy a Verbatim 50 gig BD-RE and give it a shot. Does anyone have any thoughts the reason why it would give me a message about the capacity of the disc being too small?


Just curious as to what you are ripping the movie with?


Should have said playing with.


I am using Anydvd in conjunction with Imgburn.


Ok, I would like to post an update. I successfully backed up Enchanted on a TDK BD-RE (50 Gig) and SUCCESSFULLY played the whole movie on a PS3. The problem has to be Imgburn, I burned it 3 times using image burn, erasing the disc each time. However, the last time I just erased it using Nero and burned it using Nero 8 and it worked like a charm. Now, if I can only figure out why Imgburn is telling me Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer is too large to fit on the TDK 50 Gig BD-RE.


I burned the image out using Nero and it worked perfectly!! It did not even give me the size error… weird…