Problems backing up an owned cd

Have actually gotten stuck and cannot find what I need thru searching so have to ask.

I’m trying to backup a a CD I own before the disc become any more damaged than it already is. I’ve been able to backup all my other CD’s using EAC w/Autoflac and WMP but nothing I try will touch this disc…

Pic of “owned” disc, so it’s not taken as something wrong.

The problem is that it has a built in player with copy to computer and copy to cd but the quality of those are absolute garbage quality… But when I try to use Autoflac the process pulls nothing but sync and read errors and WMP will not even see the disc.

I’ve tried to use MagicISO and ISOBuster and they both see session 1 but when I extract the .wav files they skip horribly.

Here is a PrtSc of the disc contents:

If anyone knows how to rip/extract the audio I would greatly appreciate the help.


The disc doesn’t appear to an audio cd. However, if it is, try CloneCD using the standard audio cd profile (i.e. copy first session only).

Would you please tell us artist & album title ?

Sorry it took so long to get back to ya… have been out of town.

The disc is (hed) P.E. - Only in Amerika.

Was finally able to rip to .wav using just EAC with 1411 bit rate but have yet to be able to rip to .flac.