Problems backing up 3 movies!

I am having a problem backing up Resevoir Dogs-Full screen dvd, Pulp Fiction, and the new Resident Evil Apocolypse. I keep getting disc errors when trying to copy to my harddrive. They are all brand new dvds, not a scratch on them. I have tried dvd decryptor, alcohol 120, dvd shrink, and smart ripper and get pretty much the same results. I have FS0k firmware for my Lite-On LDW-411S. How could something be wrong with the dvds when they play fine. I can post more info if needed to solve this problem. Thanks for your posts.

Try Anydvd. It works great. Hope that helps.

Exactly what errors are you getting?

I have the new anydvd and it seems to take care of my problems. Especially on newer dvds. Thanks for the replys. I just use anydvd and dvd decryptor or just anydvds ripper. Thanks again