Problems backing up 2 specific DVD's

First and formost, its not bad media. using Ritek G05

Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo are my problem children, The movies back up (different software) tried using Clonedvd, dvd shrink dvdcopy44. The movie’s will not load directly to the menu, causing them not to work on standalones. If I play in computer and force in into a chapter. (works fine) However standalones not allowing me to view files, i cannot do this. Does anyone understand why these discs dont want to load the menu? is it pixar protection? The last resort, which im trying next is to use dvdcopy4 and just back up the movie, no menu-no nothing and see what happens…

it could still be bad media…i don’t think G05s have a very good reputation.

also, you didn’t list your burner or firmware, but make sure you have the latest firmware.

you also didn’t list what speed you were burning them at. burn at the rated speed (never the “max” setting)

what are you using to remove copy protection? shrink is rather outdated. I have no idea if this is a protection issue, but to be sure you can download a trial of anydvd from and that will rip the crap out of those movies.

you also didn’t mention version numbers of any software you’re using.

so update the firmware, burn at a reasonable speed, decrypt/rip with anydvd’s ripper (version and transcode/burn with clonedvd and let us know how it goes.

also, are G05s +R media? be sure that your standalone is friendly with +R media otherwise check to see if you can booktype (bitset) the discs to -ROM while burning. some drive sallow this and some don’t.

that’s just my $.02!

As i understand everything went fine with ripping and burning, but be sure like reasons mentioned ritek g05 is totally crappy media. Try some Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and you’ll be fine. Skipping and playback/reading problems are almost caused by bad media. Also not all standalones like all media brands especially the cheapos.