Problems AMD & w2000

I have some problems installing w2000

My computer is :
K7S5A Motherboard
Athlon 1400
512 Mb
Kyro 64 Mb AGP 4x
HD ata 100 40 Gb

With the hd formatted and blank, when i’m going to install w2000, booting with the cd.

The screen goes blue, appears the first message:
“if you had other SCSI press F6 to install” (something like that)
wait few seconds and then… NOTHING.

The computer is hanged.

Could anyone give a clue to solve this???

Regards from Spain.

(Sorry for the bad english)

Maby IRQ conflict :confused:

Check BIOS :slight_smile:

try a different gfx card. There were issues with Kyro boards in the beginning with 2k…