Problems after updating to ldw 401s to ESOK

Hi folks. I’m new to this forum.
My Liteon LDW401S drive started acting weird and so I decided to update the firmware.
I flashed up to ESOK and thing were good…for a while.

Now (after no further modifications) the drive does not read CD’s accurately though it reads DVD’s fine and I’ve made a few coasters after trying to burn CD’s. I’ve updated that ASPI layer to adaptec’s default.
Can someone help me?

Win XP Pro.
Toshiba DVD-ROM
Maxtor HD
MSI K7T Turbo2 board
768 Mb of Ram
Athlon XP 2000+ Processor

I see no one is able to help me as yet.

What’s up with ?
It is never up for some reason and I’ve been trying for a few days…

Does someone at least have the program that does the EEPROM upgrade (not the EEPROM itself)

That should be legal right?