Problems after 'restoring point'(?)

A friend of mine is meeting some troubles after a restoring point (I hope in english is the right word :o :o ).After that, he can’t see the files in his computer, because they are empty (dimension 0).
He installed the win XP after that, but can’t recover the old files he had.
He tried to use Pc inspector recovery files but this program see the files empty.
Has he something to do again?
Thank you !

Could somebody help me?
Is this question so hard?
Please… :rolleyes:

I’m guessing from the lack of information, that your friend tried to restore to an earlier point, and it did not go well. He should have tried going back to where he was prior to that. By doing the new Windows install, he has lost some of that data. You need to look into the different data recovery softwares to try to see how much you can recover, but you will need to reformat and reload the software on your system. I would suggest that you take the original drive, and put it as the slave drive, and install a new drive to load up windows and your software. Then use a program like BadCopyPro to recover as much of the data as possible. When you have exhausted recovery efforts, reformat your old drive and use it for storage.

thank you a lot!
I asked him to explain me better the situation.
he has 2 drives, master and slave.
the master has 3 partitions.
the 1 is for the OS, the 2 for data and the 3 for emergency situation.
He installed a program and, before this, he created a restore point.
After the installation of the program he discovered that something was wrong.
So he went back to restore point just created.
Some icon disappeared from the desktop, so he went back to another previous restore point.
Some problem again, so he decided to repair the OS windows XP.
This was impossible, so he installed the OS in the partion 3 (emergency partition).
After this operation he can see the structure of the partion n2 (the data) but every file was empty.
So he decided to reinstall the OS in the partition n2 but always the same.
He can see the structure of the partition but the files are empty.
He installed some software to detect deleted data. Most of these software see the data with dimension 0. Some of them see the right dimension of data, but he failed to recover.
I will ask him to do what you suggested.
Some more suggestion, after my precisation?
Thank you again

Basically it’s just keep trying different recovery softwares, until you exhaust all efforts to recover the data. He should have stopped after his first recovery effort, and just rebuilt the one icon which was missing (if that was the only problem)

Unfortunately it was not just problem of one icon.
Step by step he met problems after problems, as I tried to describe before, and the last problem is that the entire partition 3 seems empty.
With most of recovery data softwares he can see the structure of the partition, but every files with dimension 0.
With some other program, he can see the right dimension, but when he try to recover the files, for instance an executable, this doesn’t work, and another files don’t recognize he right application.
He tried betdataback, ontracks, pcinspector, badcopy (I’m not sure the version Pro you suggested)and other.
He also tried to put another drive as master, and put the previous as slave, but the situation is the same…
He has many data on that drive…what you suggest more…?
thank you for your attention… :slight_smile:

he tried these programs, without success.

Some other suggestions ? :rolleyes:

If I understand correctly, your friend installed a new windows on the second partition, where there were also data.

If this is correct, then during install your friend overwrote many files, and no data recovery program can recover overwritten files.

In my opinion, all data are lost. For what I know, software from ontrack is one of the best data recovery tool: if this wasn’t able to recover anything, then all data are lost.

It’s also possible that HD is damaged, or that TOC (hope that the name is correct) is corrupted.

No, He didn’t overwrite the data, because he installed the new SO on the emergency partition, another one (the third one)
He didn’t touch the data partition.
Infact, he can see the right dimension of data, with some (few) program, but he’s not able to recover these data.
mumble…mumble…how this can be possible?..mumble…mumble… :rolleyes:

what’s TOC?

Table of Contents. It’s like the index of a book which shows where everything is (which tracks/cylinders).

Maybe will be useless, but you can try to create a RAR archive putting some of these “lost” data on the archive. Be sure to save this archive on a different partition. If files are really there, maybe RAR is able to read them and put on an archive.

After that you can extract all files on another partition to see if this can recover files.

thank you, I’ll suggest these news to my friend…
hope can be useful…

spinrite is a low-level recovery program. if that doesn’t do the job, nothing will (maybe the fbi can do more, but…)

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With the software ‘Search and Recover’ he obtained the files, with the right extension and the right dimension, but they are unreadibles.
Look like hieroglyphics… :sad:
How could he read that files?