Problems after Installing

I have been using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 for a while with no problems what so ever. Today I upgraded to AnyDVD and now the copy to HDD time has went from 15-20min to 50-125min!

Yes - My HDD and DVD Drive are still using DMA modes and nothing has changed on my system other than the upgrade.

I even re-ghosted my system back to a fresh clean image and the time is still v-e-r-r-r-r-y slow… I have defraged, re-installed and turned off every process I could. Still no luck…

Is there anywhere I can download AnyDVD

Try to open the speed control. Select fast and noisy

i have the same problem…went from 45 min to almost 3 hours to burn…
gonna try out that setting for fast and noisy and see what happens…

After searching Google for a while, I came accross a site that still had on it. I unstalled the new version and went back to the older one and my time dropped back down to normal.

Did setting your setting to fast an noisy help with the reading of the movie???

select fast and noisy Mavrick…it helps in the burning process…if ya have a plextor drive …hold the eject button for 3 seconds until ya see the light blink 3 times…burn away,happy trails…

The burning process has always been fine with either version.

The problem I had was with the reading/creating of the DVD files once I installed The reading process time returned to normal once I re-installed

You can try the 4571 beta.