Problems after installing 2.0.8

Hi all…I am having an issue with PhotoDVD 2.0.8, and I wrote over my 2.0.6 install…The transitions are not smooth in the new version…It is very choppy…I am under the gun here and need a fix or the 2.0.6 installer…Anyone have a link to it?


Not a software issue…Media Player is acting goofy…

Hi there,

If you play your video output on your computer, does it play 100% ?

Cheap Media, and burned too fast causes problems like this.
Most people dealing with Video-DVD don’t burn (Suggested) over 4x.

I burn everthing at 2x because I do not have the best media [Taiyo Yuden / Verbatim Datalife / FujiFilm (Made In Japan) ]

Hi there howie398,

VSO just released v2.0.9 to solve some issues if your output is NTSC.

Maybe it’s the problems you are having…