Problems after flashing to BCFC

i flashed to BCFC from BCDC, and i tried burning a Sony YUDEN000T02 DVD+R. with BCDC, i actually got very good results, but with BCFC, i had a huge PIF spike at around the 2.3gb mark. i flashed back to BCDC and tried another, but still got a huge PIF spike. tried flashing to BCHC and tried another, and again, a huge PIF spike, all at around the same spot. i even tried a MXL RG02 DVD-R and Verbatim MCC 004, and they turned out fine.

anyone else have problems with BCFC and YUDEN000T02?

btw, this is the first time ive had 3 dvd drives in 1 system. i have my DW1650 as primary master, and my DW1640 and LG DVD-rom as my secondary master/slave. i didnt disable any drives while flashing, as i thought this was only necessary if the drives are on the same IDE cable.

ill post a scan in a bit.

edit: nm, flashed from BCHC back to BCDC and all is good now.

Great. If it works, don’t fix it. :bigsmile: