Problems after firmware upgrade

i installed firmware 1.02 on my HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GSA-H22N (LG) and now when i insert a sony blank dvd it says it only supports 4x speed (on ImgBurn and nero), i remember being able to burn it much faster before i did the firmware upgrade and the disc is rated 1x - 16x.
Is there a way to get my old firmware back? do you guys recommend to get it back?


First, check with CDSpeed to see what burn speeds are supported. Then get the media code and let us know what it is. You could also use MCSE to see what all the burn strategies are for that firmware. According to ala42 here you can get back if you want but I have found that the newer firmware is usually better.

This version of 1.01 might be already hacked to flash backwards

The official LG flash package should allow to flash an older firmware version without any hacking.