Problems after downloading new any dvd version

My system is no longer finding a blank dvd r in my burner after I downloaded the new version of anydvd. My copy program tells me there is not enough disc space in temporary path (probably defaulting to harddrive since it can’t find the disc in the burner). Do I have a bad install?

It certainly wouldn’t hurt anything to try removing it and re-installing. Also did you let your system re-boot after installing?

I now have un installed/reinstalled both any dvd and my copy program (Intervideo DVD copy2) and rebooted and I am getting the same thing. The only thing that has changed since it was working properly was the upgraded any dvd, so that is what makes me think that I am not doing something right with the new version.

Is you harddisk full?

4.35 GB unused. As far as I know I have it set up to just write to the burner so it doesn’t take space on my harddrive, unless there is some temp file I need to clear out or something.

Not enough.

Your program needs to create very large temp files.