Problems after changing writers

I just purchased and installed a sony dw-q30a. My old burner was a HP burner which stopped spinning. After I installed it Windows XP found the new hardware and installed. My problem is that it will recognize the media in the drive but will not do anything when I try to run it. It will not run files off a cd and when I put a dvd in and try to play it, AnyDvD pops up with an error message and Winmediaplayer just freezes. I tried to update the firmware from yys1 to yys2 and I get “firmware will not update”. I don’t know if this is hardware related or software. I have many programs installed that use to use the HP burner but thought I could just switch over.

Properly install the burner by using the Devicemanager.

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As far as I know I have installed it properly. The Device Manager shows the drive and what it is. Also when I test the drive in Nero I get “Logical unit communication crc error (ultra-dma/32)(040803)”
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Do you have the jumper set correctly to master and not slave? You only have one optical drive installed? Check your connections on the cable, are they secure and correct? As chef said, make certain the drive is installed properly…Secondary IDE Channel >Transfer Mode-DMA if available, Current Transfer Mode-Ultra DMA Mode 2.

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If I remember correctly the above error is caused by a bad IDE cable. Try swapping or replacing your IDE cable as well.

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I have two hard drives on the primary IDE and two optical drives on the secondary IDE.
My primary IDE cable is an 80 wire while my Secondary IDE is a 40 wire. I hooked up the primary to my main harddrive and then put the slave to the new burner and it works. I remember reading somewhere that if device is set to dma 4 then it may not work on a 40 wire IDE cable. So I guess i’ll just go get a new 80 wire IDE cable. Thanks again for all the help.

This comes up so often that the Mods should add a new sticky just telling everyone to use 80 wire only.

Hi chase.:slight_smile: I agree that everyone should use a 80 wire cable now a days and it should be in all the optical drive forum FAQ’s as well, I know the question pops up quite often when users are trying to get UDMA 4/ATA 66 from a 40 wire ATA 33 cable. But this 80 wire cablealso gave me the same (ultra-dma/32)(040803) error. Obviously it was shorting on something. I will check into adding the info you suggested.:wink:

Thanks. It can cause all kinds of problems and it usually turns out to be one of the last things we suggest because it is so erratic. I got caught once on my brother’s machine with a Pioneer 109 I knew was good. In my mind, it should be right up there with the recurring DMA problem only it is not as easy to diagnose.

Maybe a sticky in Optiacl Drives for “things to check before you give up”.