Problems after 1213s@1653s crossflash

i’ve flashed my 1213s TS0D with 1653s CS07 crossflash
I’ve reset learnt media using EEPROM tool.

and now i can’t burn my dvd-r discs ESPERANZA (gsc001).
i have info: illegal disc.
before flash on original firmware TS0D i didn’t have any problems with gsc001.
i’ using nero
i’ve tryed burn other disc (emtec dvd-rw) - burned without any problems.

pls help


You should use CS09, but I have no idea if that will solve your problem.

i’ll try but i don’t think so.
i’ve tryed also crossflash to 1633s - and i had problems too.


When you said you’ve tried @1633S, is that with BS0x or with BS4x? BS4x is really a 1653S firmware with a 1633S name… see this thread: [thread]120151[/thread]

that was 1633S.BS41.patched-cf

now i’ll try to flash cs09.

after flash with cs09 i have still illegal disc
I’ve reset learnt media using EEPROM tool (2.0.6) - illegal disc too

pls help

Try BS0R / BS0S - maybe the drive just doesn’t like 1653S type firmwares - an upflashed 1213S seems to be less at home with them - even if it isn’t actually being asked to do the extra speeds.

i’ve flashed with BS0S - it’s working.