Problems accessing files in a dvd-r


I just joined this site, and well have read through some threads, but can’t seem to find help for the issue I’m having.

Here’s the deal, a couple yrs back I backed up all my music files to dvd. I used DataWare dvd-r 4.7gb DVDS. I made two of these dvds (using Nero 7) to back up music files. Anyway, I put the dvds away and forgot about, just found them today.

The one dvd is totally accessible via winamp and windows media player. Sadly though the other dvd, well I’m having problems. My DVD burner (TSST Corp CD/DVDW TS-H652L ATA Device) reads that there a files on the dvd, and can list all of the songs in my winamp. However HALF the songs won’t play, the name of the song and artist show, but the time says 0:00

Any ideas why? I’ve updated both winamp and windows media player. I’ve also run windows updates. I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, 32 bit home operating system

Thanks in advance for your time

On the dvd that isn’t reading if you use explorer can you see the contents of the media and the file size of each music??

Yes, I am able to view all the files via explorer (reguarding the second DVD). It tells me the names of all the mp3s, the size of each file, song artist.