Problems accessing DVD/RW Drive



I just installed the Nero Linux v2.0.0.3, and when I started the program I was given a message stating that the system was using a deprecated ‘ide-scsi’ driver, change the driver to ‘ide-cdrom’, and until this was completed Nero Linux would not access the drive.

I am a bit of a Linux newbie and could use guidence on correcting this. I am using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.



This is described in the NeroLINUX manual, section 2.


I checked sedtion 2 of the manual and in section the recquired configuration/driver for the dvd writer is described as the ‘ide-scsi’ driver, and not the ‘ide-cdrom’ driver described in the Nero error message. So, what is the correct way to go in oder to have Nero Linux work with my DVD writer.

The dvd writer device is described by Nero as: /dev/hdd (TSSTCorpCD/DVDW TS-H552U


The driver you should use for IDE internal devices depend on the kernel you are using:

  • With a 2.6 one, you MUST use ide-cdrom
  • with a 2.4 ide-scsi

If you are running RHEL 4, then you might have a 2.6.9 if I remember correctly (uname -r to be sure). So the thing that you have to do is deleting all entries like ‘/dev/hdd=ide-scsi’ in your bootloader config files

For LILO, look in /etc/lilo.conf for a line like this


… and don’t forget to re-run lilo when you have modified the file

For GRUB, just edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst (or something similar), and remove the /dev/hdd=ide-scsi each time you see it.


Thanks for the heads up! I edited the grub.conf file and deleted the references to /dev/hdd-ide-scsi, and now the device is listed as ide-cdrom. BTW I am using RHEL v4 and have kernel 2.6.9.