Problems 1016ui

Sorry for my english, I’m french

I have a friend who has to buy an external burner cibox certainly of origin BTC the “DVDRW1016ui”, which has my opinion is not very good, to test good I launch an burn with verbatim TY, I’m go , once returned nero indicates itself to me that burn has successfully, I make a test of quality with nero Cd-dvd speed and arrived at 2.5go I’ve 800 PIF on followed of an error “additionnal…”, I look my dvd and I see that it is far from being burn until the end,the burn is stopped in medium of disc(the size of origin of the file is 4, something),Then I decide to explore the disc and I can read without problem the two first vob and the other impossible one. How it is made that nero indicates to me that burn then has successfully whereas that stopped at half of movies.What are the problems??
PS = it possible of recuper the log of nero some share???


I too have this drive. Bought as EMPREX i now know to be BTC 1016ui.

Trying to burn at 8x (on a 16x burner). at approx 30-40 % of burn, the drives buffer empties and fluctuates at the bottem end only able to sustain a minimal writing speed.

work fine at 4x though.

i have tried varying all componants(movies/burning software/media/pc) to track down the cause. It simply has to be the drive.

I have been trying to find a firmware solution to this prob. I have the latest official firmware but I cannot find supported media lists for this specific drive.

I AM AT A LOSS - Is there anyone who can help ??


Check out the media support list on the BTC homepage

I have seen these pages but they only list for 1016um not the 1016ui.

Are these the same drives but internal and external ??

thanks for the reply though.