Problemen met mn Brander

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Ik wou laatst een bestand branden op mn dvd disc. Hij het formateren en daarna kwam er een bricht van: Dit station is reeds in gebruik door een andere proces. Wil je als nog door gaan. Ik heb op ja gedrukt en telkens bevriest mn scherm tot dat ik de dvd cd er uit haal.
Kun jullie mij alstublieft raad geven.

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:eek: sorry

I have some problems whit my burner. When i want to burn a file on my DVD disc. Its sayed " this station is in use. Another programm is using or a proces is using this station. Do you still intend to formate this station. I pressed ‘‘oke’’. Then the loader bar came up. And nothing happend . It just froze. When i clicked when to my computer it loaded the page and simply clicked on the top of the venster. This progrom does not respound appeard on the top of my computer. I wanted to shut it down but evrything disappeard the only thing that was on was the internet page i was visiting.
I could put the disc out of the computer . So i restarded. And i bought a new disc DVD rerwightble. Same thing happend only this i was able to get the disc out without shutting the computer off.

Does some one know whats wrong with my burner. Cause when i put a DVD disc i bought from store it just runs expet for kind a DVD disc it doesnt run now but before this it runned it oke.

sorry for my crapp english.

Please install imgburn, start it up and post the log here.