Problematic Yuden T02's

HUB0104-TG001159 NEC burn

If you’re still curious the banner Taiyo Yuden is linked to

big quantities 300/400/600 all on splindle and silver front…



How do you get your CD/DVD-Speed PIF bars to change color as they rise :confused:
Looks awesome :iagree:


Erik Deppe released a new version of CD-DVD speed (link).

Today’s fun is to play with write strategies at 8x and differing ones.

The batch 1162 media is identified as T002 000

T002 000 and T002 001 burn poorly.
T003 000 was not better than what’s already posted.

T02000 changed to T01001 however so far shows improvement! I am going to keep on playing for the next hour or so. My goal is to try and get it at as good as the LG 8x scan already posted.

What is particularly interesting about the scan I have posted here is that you can see on the white line that the higher PI region is the Z-CLV 4x mark and then it drops and stays flat from 6x onwards. I should probably try a non-ZCLV burn if I can to try and have it avoid 4x. I think I will.

Technarch if you find a strategy that is good I will try it on my batch of 1159’s. But it may not help much if they go bad after the dye has cooled :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn it… I’m trying to figure out how to make the burn start at a speed FASTER than 4x.

I just checked two YUDEN000T02 which where burnt 3 weeks ago on a 3520, one at 12x, the other at 8x. Both discs stayed approximately the same between 3 weeks ago and today. The 12x disc has deteriorated a little, the 8x disc has improved a little, nothing dramatic. (I can post screenshot if you want to check yourself).

These discs are Fuji DVD+R 8x, code TG0001158. They were burnt on a 3520, I don’t exactly know the firmware, I think it was 1.UF because I usually flash short after an update comes out. On 12x burn speed they are not so good, but they are fine when burnt at their original 8x speed.

I have an interesting result.

I burned a disc from the same spindle at 4x.

Fresh scan.

2 hours later

I will put the disc aside for a day and come back to it tomorrow and rescan it. But this seems to indicate that the burn speed is the primary suspect here. A fast burn and fresh scan might show the disc as reasonably OK but after it has cooled the media changes somewhat.

I definitely need to set the write strat back to MCC 004 which burns better initially and write at 8x instead of 16 and do the same tests (Initial scan and cooled/settled dye scan).

Which makes me think it’s an anomaly of the dye on certain batches. The fact that I got a better scan on a 4x burn after it had cooled and settled seems to indicate the the strategy used plus the burn speed affect the media. Even if getting a good/reasonable scan initially while the dye is still warm. After it has settled and cooled the media shows it’s true colours.

I dont really trust the scans in general I just use them as an indication of the burn quality

If I scan the same disk 3 times in a row I get 3 different results
The differences arent as big as shown above but I doubt that the difference in scans really says something about the quality of the disk at that time

Verbatim Pastel Disk DVD+R 8x burned at 8x using 1.01 by Liggy. I’m shocked. what the hell is going on with NEC 3540? Why can’t it burn perfect disks perfectly?

  1. PI/PIF tested in NEC 3540 itself. ECC1 5x.
  2. PI/PIF tested in liteon 812s (the same disk)
  3. transfer test in NEC 3540
  4. transfer test in liteon 48161H

Nevermind that scan of the 4x burn. I left the disc out of the drive for a bit and then did the scan againa little later. PIF hell as before :frowning:

This is a bad batch. It’s all I can think of. Once burned the dye is literally rotting within minutes.

Klarrisa. See? It’s not just me! :frowning:

Here is that 4x burn scanned a third time but after it had been left sitting outside the drive for a bit.

I am going to burn one more disc today but this time on my NEC 2500 (I should have performed this test a while ago) and see if the disc screws up as before.

Here’s a TY02 +R batch 1159 (Fuji 8x from APRMedia) right after burn and 9 days after burn …

(burn speed shown on graphs) - my first scan post so I hope the images work right!


OK I think this says it all. Burned in my NEC 2500 with last official NEC firmware at 8x. Time to bin this media (And rescue what I already burned!).

Ok here are some scans of Fuji DVD+R 8x TY YUDEN000T02 TG001133 burnt @16x

the first two are right after the burn
the second two are 1 week later

edit : forgot to say that since My NEC 3540 is cabled with USB2, I can’t get faster than 12. That’s the meaning of the weird write graphics

FujiFilm DVD+R 8x (Yuden000T02 TG001159) burned at 16x using 1.W3.

Different brand. Different batch. Purchased several months later then Verbatim branded TY posted above. Different firmware. Differents burning speed. The only thing is the same - burner (NEC 3540). :a I’m 99.9% sure these YUDEN T02 disks will burn perfectly in other DVD-writers (Benq, Liteon, etc).

FujiFilm DVD+R 8x (Yuden000T02 TG001159) burned at 4x using 1.W3.

OK I have been scanning some burns I did of earlier burns and some are OK while others are an abomination. It would seem that the batches I have are of variable quality right across the board. It also seems that as I got further down into that 1 spindle it got worse. I am going to try one of the other spindles now.