Problematic region 2 titles


There are 2 new releases that DVDFab Decrypter beta can 't handle…
1)Ultraviolet Region 2 Greek
2)When A Stranger calls Region 2 Greek

These titles seem to have a new protection scheme, with the 2 last VTSs, in each title, being “twins” and bogus…

DVDFab Decrypter beta does not detect the last 2 VTSs, as bogus, and tries to rip them…
This makes the program, stuck on read errors and finally crashing or produces an output that cannot be opened in DVD Shrink/Nero Recode…

I also tried AnyDVD
The results were equally unsuccessful…

The only program who detected the 2 last VTSs as bogus and removed them, was RipIt4Me
The final output of RipIt4Me opened fine in Shrink and DVDRemake Pro and resulted in a flawless back-up for both titles…

I plan on sending the original IFOs, to Fengtao and Slysoft, in order to help them correct it…


Please send us all the .IFO files on Original disc, then we will check the problem.

A recommended way is listed below:

  1. Open an Explorer window, and navigate to VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD.
  2. Copy all files ending with .IFO to hard disk.
  3. ZIP the IFO files on hard disk to one file. Name it with a readable
    filename, like
  4. Send the zip file to fengtao(at), please replace (at) with @.


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Hi zavlakas,

Got it, thanks.

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Hi zavlakas,

Please try new Beta2 to see the result:

Best Regards,

[B]Beta2[/B] seems to work fine with “[B]When A Stranger Calls[/B]” Region 2 Greek…
Will test “[B]Ultraviolet[/B]” Region 2 Greek, later and report back…

[B]Beta2[/B] does [B]not[/B] work well with “Ultraviolet”…
VTS_04–VTS_14 are completely removed…

Hi zavlakas,

Please try Beta3 to see the result, the problem has been fixed.

Best Regards,

[B]Beta3[/B] seems to handle fine both “[B]Ultraviolet[/B]” and “[B]When A Stranger Calls[/B]”…

@fengtao - Thanks

@zavlakas - again nice going to get the updates needed out!!!

Hi zavlakas,

I’m glad to hear it’s working now :slight_smile:

Your help makes DVDFab a better product, thanks again!

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