I’ve got a big problem and I think I’ve screwed my drive.
I’ve got a lite-on 411s but I flashed it to a 811s. After I did this I noticed that I didn’t burned dvd-r very good so I flashed it with a new firmware “811S_DR8HS0Q”.
NOW the lamp on the drive just keep on blinking yellow. It can’t read anything or burn. Windows finds the drive but I can’t any access to it.
PLEASE HELP ME, if you can of course :bow:

no sure how you converted your 411 to an 811 but my guess is that you didn’t upgrade the eeprom. due to this you have a 411 with an 811 firmware on it and the mismatch is causing your flashing light. you will need to either flash back to a 411 or upgrande the eeprom. ( do some searching and you will find how to do both)

I’ve fixed it. I had by original .bin file it doesen’t blink anymore and it seems to be working again.
Can I get my old 411S back? Right now it’s a 811S and it dosen’t burn very good.

I did change the eeprom.

yep can go back just as easy as going forward
flash the old eeprom then load a 411 firmware.

Only one problem I don’t have the old eeprom.
Can’t get it back right?

No, if you didn’t back it up then you’re SOL

Okay, damn.
I did take a backup but I deleted it after a few weeks.
Well not too much to do for then. Thanks for your help thou.
Is it possible to upgrade my 811S to a firmware for 811S?

I believe it should be, but you are going to want to get clarification from someone who is also running that 411@811…