I’m trying to backup a DVD and I ran into a problem I can’t solve. The first indicator is that clonedvd is unable to locate layer break. Next I continue w/the burn and after it’s all complete the only thing it burns is Title 1 and no other tracks. Usually when I encountor this problem (sometimes it happens) I just use another program and it works fine, but I’m still getting only title 1 on the final burn.
Any ideas?

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  2. The mening with “clonedvd is unable to locate layer break”
    is that you’re copying a single-layered disc, DVD-5,
    not DL, DVD-9, hence there is no break there.

  3. If you’re trying to copy the whole disc, then you should press on the 2nd,
    Clone DVD - clone a DVD including all titles and menus’ button

The 1st/upper button is for copying 1 or more DVD titles.