Hey i have the lite on 40x12x48 and I used the 48x vs01 and vs02 and it says i have the 48 x drive but when i go into nero it will only let me burn at 40x even tho i have some good tdk high rated media. btw i do have the new version of nero and it does recognize the 48x drive down at the bottom right of nero. Do i need to uninstall and reinstall nero or what is my prob. I am running win xp.

Buy media that will work at 48X, or disable smarburn(not recommended) in Nero. Then 48X recording speed will be shown.

With vs02 firmware, media from these manufacturers will work at 48X(without disabling smartburn): CMC Magnetics, Acer media technology, Moser baer india, the newest ritek( “J” type) discs.

While MANY other types of media will not work at 48X.

I have 48 x rated media and it still only says 40x.

48X rated media is not the same as media that the Lite-On supports writing at 48X.

I still guess you need other media.

I have the lite on any speed media and even before i put media in it won’t let me select 48x. It did once but it never has since.

You can’t select 48X when:

There is no media in the drive or when the inserted media is not 48X certified by Lite-On. (the prodisc “multispeed” disc that shipped with the 40X Lite-Ons do NOT work at 48X).

thanx for the help

merni :
Do i need to uninstall and reinstall nero or what is my prob

Yes, your thoughts are correct - try to reinstall nero. Looks like it refuses recognizing your “new” drive as 481248.