[qanda]This thread is about the Philips DVD8801. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am under warrantly w/Dell. My drive jammed and would not do anything. Dell sent a Phillips Drive which did not work. It reads but will not erase or copy files to a CD RW disc. I called them back, spent hours doing everything but clapping my heels together …one tech disconnected me never called back …he had my number. I called in again, the second tech put me thru the paces and finally said he would send out another drive.

The second drive did not work either. The tech said that he has had problems with updates from Windows XP now not recognizing these Phillips CD RW. Dell knows this but evidentially plays hard ball and it appears that their solution for everything is for me to reload XP. This is time consuming and not a good fix for me and rather riduculous!

does anyone have any suggestions how I can get this drive to work properly. Is there somethng I can do to make it compatible with XP.

I am going to try to put pressure on Dell to get me another drive.

Somebody? Anybody? Help!

Hi and Welcome!

this might be either a media related issue - please try other discs, or it is indeed software related. Do you have something like Daemon Tools or Alcohol installed?


I doubt that the drive doesn’t work with XP. If anything, I’d suspect a software or media issue.

Have you tried using the drive with different media? A different CD-RW or better yet, a new CD-RW. You may also want to try to burn using a CD-R.

You don’t mention what software you are using, but that could also be an issue. Try using ImgBurn…it’s one of the best and it’s free.