Uh hi. Okay. So recently, I bought a pack of Sony DVD+RW’s (DPW47L2) and I’ve had problems burning episodes on to them with my LG GSA-4167B. Unlike my DVD+RW Verbatim discs, it takes a long time for imgburn or my computer to recognize the disc.

AND when I burn more than one episode onto the disc, my Philips dvd player (DVP642) can’t play this disc! When I burn only one episode, it plays after 10 seconds or so.

Doubt this is relevant but I can’t forward/rewind any of the files on my dvd player. I could do this before with my Sony CD+RW’s.



DVD RW’s are not the best for playback in standalone units. And, some brands of DVD’s are better quality than others. Search the media forum, and see what brand people prefer, and search for info on your standalone dvd player, and see what people prefer using in it…