Problem wt liteon lvw-5045 (?disc speed rating)

i have a problem with my liteon lvw-5045 as it wont record from the hard drive to a disc i have tried but it takes ages readind the disc and then it freezes or some tomes ie just says the fuction you spesfied is not supported due to the mismatch of the disc format ,i am using tevion4.7 gigabytes rw so does this mean that the dvd is knackered on the hard drie it records perfect so hopefully so one can help as i know nothing about this kind of thing,thanks hicko ,and if i have to get a new one does anyone know anything about the lidil one they have for sale ,ta

You might want to try different media. Maybe Verbatim. Lite-On recorders are known to be picky about media. If that don’t help you might want to look into changing the DVD burner. Lots of info. in the Lite-On Forum here on CD Freaks. You might also see if your firmware is the latest, from Lite-On site. May be this can be moved to the Lite-On forum where he might get more help.

thank you dr paul i will try that and see what happens so all the best from co kildare ,:slight_smile:

Yea I’ll move this to the LiteOn standalone recorders section.

OK done :slight_smile: