Problem writing VIDEO files with Nero

I’ll start off listing brief system specs:

p4c800 deluxe
p4 2.6c
1024MB of pc3200 ram
128mb ati radeon 9800pro
100gb hd with 6.17gb remaining
px-708a fw 1.06
verbatim 8x DVD+R
All software, firmware and drivers are up to date.

*DATA are mp3 files

The problem I’m having is when I’m done burning a DVD video at 8x using 8x verbatim DVD+R, the video only plays for the first 10mins, after that I start to see pixel blocks and the video stops playing seconds later. I verified with scan disk using nero’s cd-dvd speed that the disk has read errors after 751MB of data, bascially anything after 751MB is unreadable. The strange thing is when I click the option to burn DATA* onto the DVD+R at 8x the entire disk reads flawlessly and I burned another 2 DVDs with DATA on them and both of them read without error. If I burn dvd video at 4x the video will play without error its only when I burn at 8x I’m having problems, but the strange thing is I can burn DATA at 8x without read errors. This is very strange, is this a software problem or hardware problem? Any help is appreciated!