Problem writing to Liteon 5025 DVD



I havent tried to copy a program to DVD for quite a while, so I cant exactly remeber how to do it.

When I put in a blank DVD, it seems to be reading the disk for ages, and eventually opens the drive door.

I am sure I need to format the DVD before copying to it, but I cant see a menu option to format.

I am able to play pre-recorded DVD’s with no problem.



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What do you mean by “copy a program do dvd”. Please give some more specific details of what you are trying to do…


I have a film on the HDD that I want to copy to DVD, so I put a DVD-R disc in the drive and close it. After about 3/4 mins of “reading” the disc, the drive pops open again, as if the disc is faulty - but it hasnt given me the opportunity to format it. I have tried it woth 2 different manufacturers of DVD.

I can also play a pre-recorded disc, so it isnt that the drive is completly faulty.


If you are putting a blank disk in your drive, and it is taking a long time for it to even be recognized, there is a problem. Are you sure your DMA is enabled. What brand of dvd’s are you using…


What is DMA being enabled?

I have checked the DVD’s, and they are from a 1st class manufacturer.

What I dont ever see is the option to do “quick preparation” or “full preparation” - does this only come up after the disk is recognised?


Are you putting in +r dvd’s, -r dvd, RW dvd??? And one persons idea of grade a media, may not match what we here are certain of being class a media… So please give brand and if available, media code…


Philips DVD-R. Disc Identifier MCC03RG20


Those should be good disks. To check dma look at this thread


Isn’t a LiteOn 5025 a standalone unit? :slight_smile:

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[quote=Arachne;1999385]Isn’t a LiteOn 5025 a standalone unit? :slight_smile:

Ah. You crossposted - you could have asked to have this thread moved instead. ;)[/quote]

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DMA is a windows thing isnt it? not sure how it affects the Liteon?


Since this is a standalone recorder, you can safely ignore my post about DMA.


[QUOTE=alrklein;1999381]Philips DVD-R. Disc Identifier MCC03RG20[/QUOTE]

You shouldn’t need to format anything, until after the video has burned to the dvd, and then you finalize it (not format). Only dvd’s that should need formatted, are rw’s…


Liteon recorders work much better with DVD+RW media than DVD-RW media.


So given that the drive just turns, until finally the door opens, maybe implies a faulty drive? Even tho I can play pre-recorded DVD’s?


Lite-On DVD recorders like +R media better than -R media. Until you sort out the peoblem you might want to use DVD+RW media. I picked up a 50 pk from Newegg for about $28 delivered. It works great in both of my Lite-On recorders. Let us know how you make out but post it in the Lite-On DVD recorder forum please. It will be easier to find and you’ll get more help there. You might want to run a good laser lens cleaner in your recorder. If none of this works it might be time to replace the burner.