Problem writing to DVD+R

Hi all,

We bought a Ricoh MP5125-A DVD recorder (DVD+RW/+R).
the software came along is tyhe newest Nero

We manage to make a DVD to an DVD+RW-disk.
Now we are satisfied with our result we want to make the RW-disk free for other purpose, but we cant manage to get the data to the +R-disk. The amounth of data is 3,7 GB and both disks tell us they can hold up to 4,3GB.

Do we do something wrong, can anybody help us with this problem.

Thanks anyway,
The Rising Hope

I don’t know much about dvd recorders as i do not own one. I am afraid that most of the people that read this forum (aka the software burning forum) wont be of much help either.

I will let this be here for a while (since it has to do with burning software) but i will move it to the DVD forum if you dont get any help here

BTW, there are newer versions of Nero out other than 5590. Maybe a nero update will help

Hmm… better move this to the DVD forum afterall