Problem writing to dvd-r!



Hey guys, I am using any dvd, dvd shrink and dvdclone or dvdclone2, and I have had no problem ripping movies and burning them however, anytime I use dvd-r (even though my optical drive can write to it) they are not readable on my computer or dvd player. DVD+R I have had no problem with, however my DVD player cannot read those, so I would prefer to use -r… What do you think is this issue and how can I fix it? thanks…


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It’s possibly a prolem with the quality of the DVD-R disks you’re using. What brand are they?


I had a bunch left over from my old computer. They are imation 16x DVD-Rs… I burned a number of DVDs with my old computer and they worked on my DVD player fine. I have looked up the specs, and my optical drive can burn to -r/rw and +r/rw so I don’t know what the deal is…


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Try Verbatims.


I just tried again and used shrink and nero and it works perfectly, just not with dvdclone… Who knew? Thanks a lot though guys…