Problem writing to a TS-H552L

My new HP computer came with the Toshiba TS-552L DVD drive. I am running with Windows XP. I cannot transfer my video to this drive. I have tried various
disc manufacturers with not success. I believe I have the latest driver for the
Toshiba. The drive will allow DVD reading and works ok with CD’s. HP said they
would send me a file to allow me to drag and drop files to the Toshiba but I havn’t tried that yet. I understand Windows XP has no support for DVD. Is that why I can’t address this drive with Windows Explorer? Is Nero burner the
way to work around this problem?


Which recording software is installed on the machine?

The problem turned out to be an applications error. I was trying to access the
DVD burner from Pinnacle’s Studio (version 9) software. Somehow, after doing
a recommended update, the program could not address the burner. After uninstalling and re-installing the program without the update, the installation came up with a magic key code, which I was able to use to access the the web
for downloading software to make the connection with the burner. This magic
key code is not explained anywheres in the Studio documentation. Everything
is working fine now. :slight_smile: