Problem Writing Multple Images On DVD

Hi All,

Tony Here,
New to the whole forum concept and what not.

Just a quick question…
like most ppl i got some images to write to a secondary location.
Mounting each to daemon tools has no problems.

Wrote the images to dvd+r and 2 of the images could not be read
(Discarded the DVD)

Wrote the same project as an image on the hdd, using 2 Virtual drives i tested the image of images, the same two did not work.

Then i tried writing a different selection of ISOs and a number of ISOs were corrupt. Daemon tools reported somthing like “Image Cannot be mounted” to 2/6 in the final image.

Is there a limit (for example cannot burn more than 4 images onto a DVD before they become corrupted)

Any comments much appreciated

There is no limit to the amount of images you can put on any media. Files shouldn’t become corrupt, regardless of their amount. Reasons for corrupt images can be a) the image itself is corrupt, even before burning it, b) using low quality media (tell us which DVD writer you have and which media you’re using, check with DVD Identifier and post the results here), c) driver problems causing corrupt data when burning (for example: bad IDE drivers and such).

Let us know the details of your system, burner and used media so we can help you better. Good luck and welcome to the forums :slight_smile: