Problem writing CD-RW's

I bought a batch of Memorex Ultra Speed CD-RW(24x, 700mb, 80min).

I have a LITE-ON LTR-40125S CD-R/RW

I can record normal CD-R’s easily all day long at 40x without a problem.

Once I put a CD-RW in, I cannot write.

I get the message that “The recorder does not support this type of disc!”

Previous to the actual burning, the burn speed is stuck/grey’d at 2x.

I am using Nero Express 6. I was using Nero 5, and upgrading thinking maybe it would help. Nothing changed at all, same issues both time.

Thanks for the help!

Well, there is no guarantee that your CD-Writer will burn everything you put inside. To start with, Ultra speed disks burn only on recorders labeled “Ultra Speed”. Make sure your recorder shows the “Ultra Speed” logo on its front side.

Check the manual -under “Recommended CD-R/RW media”- and see if Memorex disks are listed there.

The 40125S number, tells you all you need to know:

40 = Write
12 = Rewrite (the drive uses high speed 4-10x/4-12x media, and also low speed)

The drive does not support US-RW - in rewriteable media, the speed groups are NOT interchangeable, and you cannot use media of a higher speed group (1-4x, HS, US) than your drive supports.

The 5S chipset drives will flash up to 48x (48125S), but the chipset only supports 12x on CD-RW

Also, until now, I have had ZERO success with Memorex CD-RW - now, one success, on just ONE out of THREE drives (that’s 4-10x media)