Problem Writing Audio CD Nero

Using Nero – Everytime I burn a Audio CD and insert it into my CDRom, my dafault CD Player (JetAudio 5 Basic) does not start. Occasionally the test CD will play, however garbled with and only plays parts of each track. Data CD and MP3 CD work ok. I assume that an Audio CD will play on most MP3 players as well as on my PC. I probably have some setting set wrong, but do not remember changing anything. Am I right to not use Track-AT-Once? I use quality Memorex blank CD-Rs, Linte-on 40X24X40X, but my USB is only 1.0 and wrties at only 4X. Also, Compaq Presario 5304, 366 processor, Windows 98SE, 192 Memory, and small Hard Drive 5.l. Since I am very new to the burning process, I hardly know what the heck I am doing Oh yeah, I’ve also tested my Compag Presario 5304 CDRom to start when CD inserted and not to start. Also, I brought up the WAV Editor in Nero and did nothing other than play the tracks I had previously selected for the Audio CD from my file and they played perfect. Hope I have provided enough info. Thanks, Pangit.
Note: I believe I posted this in the wrong place earlier today (Newby).