Problem with zone alarm alerts?

Hi all

Lately when i’ve been trying to connect to the net with IE zone alarm has been poping up alerts saying “do you want object:8000101b to access the internet” when i click no IE doesn’t load my homepage it just says “website could not be found” but when I close IE and open it again everything loads fine. When I click yes to allow this “object” IE loads up normally. Here are some of the “objects” that want to use the net :


these are named as they are in zone alarm and this is all i know about them does anyone know what they are or could be?


could be anything i guess … from wacky scripts to obscure .dll executables.

google turned up this. have fun!

thanks for your replies but I still cant work out what program they are from. As that site stated there is no info attached to these files just object: 8xxxxxxx when you try find them it says they dont exist. Its also nice to know they are a product of microsfts incompetence, it seems every version of windows above win95 has an inbuilt trojan to send info out

thanks again