Problem with Zathura


My laptop won’t even recognise the Zathura dvd - DVD for free recognises it but says - 'DVD matches drive region. Use key exchange to get title key(s).

Any ideas?

are you playing from a backup or an original disc?

Its an original disk - if I keep putting it in it finally recognises it to play but dvd decrypter says there is nothing there.

Have tried Ripit4Me - this has at least recognised the disk and has started dvd decrypter which has also recognised it and started decrypting…

In case anyone else has the same problem with this DVD - I got it cpied as follows:

Ripit4me recognised it and ripped it using dvd decrypter - shrink won’t recognise it cos of a VOB error - use PSL2 plug in - simply drag and drop the offending VOB - shrink will then work as usual - I then burned with Nero.

Can you please explain this step by step - I have tried and failed.

Biguncleneil !!