Problem with Yamaha 8424 with RW writing


I have a problem with my SCSI Yamaha 8424, I use nero and I try to use my RW media, Nero says the write was successful but when I try to read the CD, it’s blank.

Please help!

Are you sure you told Nero to write, rather than simulate?

Another possibility I have heard vaguely mentioned on the forums is that some serial numbers that have been leaked have been disabled somehow in - I believe mention was made of apparently successful writes that, in fact, had finished up with blank media. Obviously this can’t be the problem if you’re using a bought serial number or are running without a serial number in demo mode.

The only other thought that comes to mind is to try different media - if you try to write a CD-R, it will be obvious whether or not the disc has written just by looking at the recording side.


Thanks for the reply,

It was told only to write.
My nero works great with other CD-Rs.
Tried also another CD-RW media - same resaults.

Please help!

If I’m understanding you correctly, you have tried writing a CD-R since you had this CD-RW problem, and it’s OK.

If so, there’s only two explanations. One is that your CD-RW media is bad, the other is that the drive itself has failed. The way to tell will be trying different CD-RW media (ideally at least a different batch if not a different brand). If you can successfully write a CD-R, it suggests the CD-RW media is bad. If you can’t successfully write a CD-R, it suggests the drive is bad.

If Nero can write a CD-R OK on the drive subsequent to the CD-RW problem happening, it’s highly unlikely to be a software problem.


Ok, thank’s again. I’ll try burning some CDRs.

Another fact, it can erase the CDRWs and also write in non MultiSession mode, if it burns in not MS mode the CDRW works fine. If It’s in MultiSession modem, the CD remains blank after burning…

That sounds strange. In that case, it’s probably worth a CD-R or two to try multisession burning on CD-R.

If that works, try a full erase (not a quick erase) on a CD-RW (or use a new CD-RW disc) and try multisession CD-RW again.