Problem with XP 64-bit

'ello all, i have recently gone out and brought myself a AMD Athlon 64 3200+. To see what this beast could really do, i downloaded the Beta trial of 64-bit Windows XP. I was able to find drivers for all my hardware and it works beautifully. My only problem with it is that it dosnt seem to be allowing access to my 832S(812S).

I can access CD/DVD’s that i put in the drive for reading. But Nero can not see that the drive is a Burner, it says that i need to install Nero BurnRights to be able to burn. I am running under the administrative account so this shouldnt be a matter. I have tried BurnRights but it doesnt seem to install properly on 64-bit XP. I also am not able to access my 832S using the LIteon flash tool, or any other tool that would access the Firmware/EEPROM.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Any idea on getting windows to allow proper access to my drive?



Sorry about having to do that but i really need help with this :smiley:

What version of Nero? 64bit Windows isn’t listed as supported.

I had originally thought that this may just be a problem with nero not yet able to work properly under 64-bit. But then when i couldnt use Alcohol 120% or the Liteon flashing tool, i decided that it must be somthing to do with windows.



I use 64bit xp with nero and have had noo problems except with some nasty cheap media (bulkpaq printable DVD+Rs which make nice coasters :wink:

Which version of XP 64 bit do you have? Mine is build 1069.

you have to know that the 64 bit version is not at the top for the moment, only 64 bit version of windows 2003 and some other applications are using this perfectly (sqlserver 2000 64 bit really rocks…).
For the other applications, some may work other don’t or not fully.
64 bit is quite different and most of the program should be fixed, improved to correctly use this system.
You also using a beta version. As you know beta from microsoft can perfectly run or totaly be worse on your pc…
So, if you are abble to find a windows 2003 64 bit, use it instead of xp…
The athon 64 bit is also not at its full capacity and will change (nex version in september). windows 2003 self is very good (speed,…) 64 bit version rocks

mmm, ok. I have been using 32-bit 2003 for quite a while now and really liked it. I would have installed 64-bit 2003 but everytime i got to download it, i seem to corrupt it before i get to burn it to CD. If i get some time i might download it again this week and give it another go.

Thanks for all of your help :smiley: