Problem with writing to Verbatim DVD+rw (4,7gb)

I bought a Verbatim DVD+rw . I can’t write to DVD with my LITE ON LH-18A1H. I tryed 3 dirrefent buring programms but none works. It just give me error, that burning is failed and pops out the DVD form cpu. And i have uptaded newest firmware and drivers to my LH-18A1H. Anyone knows what the problem could be?

Forum i so big so i hope i did the thread to right place.

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What software are you using to burn with?

I’m tryed NERO 7 and DEEPBURNER pro, i successfully burned burned verbatim +r , but +rw dosen’t want to work :<

Do you have Alcohol installed?

yes that program i tryed too.

And DVD erase failes too.

It’s Alcohol most likely causing the issue.

In Alcohol settings, go to Emulation, and make sure Ignore Media Type is unchecked. This could well fix the problem, may need a reboot though.

It is allready unchecked, any more suggestions?

Rats, Tim beat me to it this time. :bigsmile:

Edit: OK, since that didn’t work, try temporarily uninstalling Alcohol completely and trying again. Others have had success with an older version of Alcohol too, but I can’t remember which.

Well, i don’t think the problem is in alcohol , i try install alco 120 and 52 %, but i think it’s something else but 3 other programs didin’t write too.


That’s why I suggested removing Alcohol completely. It would help to see if the problem is with Alcohol, or not, as you say.

Still same way as before.

ty everone for helping :bow: , waiting for more instructions or solutions.

Have you tried erasing the DVD+RW first?

As i said erase fails too.

Have you tried erasing with ImgBurn? That often works where other stuff fails.

Dosen’t erase with that eather. Again same : invalid command operation code…

How is this RW rated and how is the burner connected??

what do you mean how is this rw rated?, and my burner? You mean Lite On optical device? I’m don’t really understand becose of my bad english.

i just bought a TDK DVD+rw blank DVD, and problem is the same. I’m so mad

:a :a :a

Help me :<

Which speed certification does it mention on the packaging?
Is your LiteOn burner connected by PATA, SATA, USB, IEEE 1394…?

speed is 1 - 4, i’ll have to search a little where its connected. I bought this CPU 2 months ago so the optical device should work.