Problem with .wmv and ConvertXtoDVD



using vso convertx to dvd i habe trouble with wmv formats.will not convert. does fine with mpeg. can any1 help?


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Do you have Windows Media Player 11?
We recently found that WMP11 will cause ConvertX to fail on a lot of WMV files. Unfortunately uninstalling doesn’t solve the problem. We are investigating…


I do have Windows Media Player 11 :frowning: Is that why the log says :
conversion failed
error while opening decoder for stream#0.1
It was a wmv.


Yes, that’s exactly the problem. I assume WMP11 installs a new protection scheme or something else that is not compatible with ConvertX.


yea i think i do have wmv 11. crap!!!


Hi there,

VSO just released [B]v2.1.14[/B]

Please upgrade to this version !