Problem with WMA Files and Nero

Hi everyone,
Long in the tooth (64) but short on knowledge, but I do try !

XP Pro/WMP9/Nero 6-0-0-16
Source of WMA Files
Accuradio paid subsription which allows each track to be downloaded in full rather than the first 2 minutes which is the “Demo” mode.

I cannot get Nero to burn more than about 15 tracks (added 32 tracks to the “add files” section). Those recorded play with no problems and with excellent quality. I selected the MUSIC option and then the WMA option.
I did achieve a successful burning all 32 tracks but only when I selected DATA !!!

I would very grateful for any help please.
Best wishes,

When you create an Audio CD the tracks are written in wave format & typically 15 to 20 is the maximum that can be written to an 80min CD. A typical track would be 30-40mb.

When you write a data disc no conversion takes place & as wav format is generally larger than other audio formats more tracks can be written.

If you’ve really got of Nero you should upgrade to or

Hopefully that answers your query.

It could just be coincidence that the 16bps tracks are those in the sequence that cause the 80min capacxity to be exceeded. Otherwise I’m unable to help about the other post. About WMA format I know virtually nothing.