Problem with wirless



i have intel 2200 wireless card. it works everywhere except my school.
my school ip is not blocked at all yet it still doesnt work. everyone else at school still does. they spent 3 days with me trying to help me fix it, but to no avail.
i have nowhere to turn and ask so i m asking you guys.
is there any reason why this can be happening?


Do you get any sort of signal.
Even if you cant connect, you should at least be able to see it and see the signal strenght.


does the school have any type of authentication?
is the laptop using dhcp or do you have a static ip?
assuming windows xp - do you use windows to manage the card or a tool from intel for the hardware?
is the card compatible with whatever type of network the school has (a/b/g)?


Is this a UMTS/GPRS card? I have one here in Germany (am online now with it). Worked fine for a week or so - then screwed up. The phone company/provider said it was overloaded relay transmitters and upgraded their sytem in my area (amazing service considering the usual German!).
But there is another problem that could occur - that´s a sick application these systems use called gbxApp.exe which randomly takes over and runs your cpu at 100% - meaning you can only use task manager to stop it and then restart your connection. Irritating to say the least - it does this from time to time or continuously. I installed FreeRAM XP Pro about 5 days ago and it hasn´t happened once during this time - that´s starting to look like it may have solved the problem.
Hard to say if that will help you.
Have you been able to connect even once? Or anywhere else well away from your school?


One more thing:
During my learning phase - able to go on-line and with an antivirus program running as one should…BUT was never able to connect to the updates!
I looked at my Windows firewall - seemed to be ok, then I installed ZoneAlarm to see what would happen…

Voilà …as soon as it operated, the AntiVir update box opened and connected and downloaded severl weeks worth of updates.

Sweet ever since - despite running AVG, AntiVir, ZA, Secretmaker simulaneously which may not normally be wise!