Problem with Windows XP wireless network/internet utility



Well my parents bought an old computer about a year ago second hand and it came with pirated xp. We didnt go out and buy original because I thought it was at first until recently. We cant update to service pack 2, and I am having problems with getting the network connections thing to see that there IS a wireless connection available. I have it set to WPA-PSK network encryption with TKIP data encryption. My laptop with SP2 connects with no problems. I have a BT Voyager wireless modem and used the BT voyager utility to configure the encryption. When I go to ‘create new network connection’ with windows utility in SP1 computer, there is no option for WPA-PSK or TKIP. Ive tried to disable the feature that says ‘let windows manage wireless networks’ or something that effect but then i get a message saying there was an error and windows could not complete the action or something. any help please??


WPA encryption support wasn’t added to XP until SP2.


Is there any way to disable XP’s utility or have some sort of encyption I can use with both SP1 and SP2?


you could purchase a valid copy of windows XP and get that capability…

sorry, i had to say it. it sucks that you were unaware that the copy you got was not legit, but continuint to use that copy of Windows is just as bad as DLing it yourself.

noone is going to fault you for making the mistake of purchasing the computer and not knowing that the OS was pirated, but it’s up to you to rectify that situation.

you can’t expect forum members to provide a workaround for something that works just fine as long as you have legit operating system software.


Well parents use that computer
2.I’m not going to start a panic to make them get a legit copy
3.My dad has been made redundent (parkinsons) and my mom looks after him so money isnt exactly flowing like water
4.the money I earn by working weekends is what Im saving for a car, so as far as im concerned, at this point in time Microsoft can kiss my bare bum, pretty much.

I am all for legit copies of windows, ive got a legit on the laptop im using now, but to buy a new licenced copy, and then to get a new computer 6 months down the line, and having to switch the licence from one computer to another, all for the sake of making the internet connection work is a bit of a joke.


just try downloading and installing the network install version of SP2, it might work for you.


gregtherotterius, i’m not trying to be a jerk and I know you’ve been on this forum a little while now and know how things work.

i just don’t think it’s right to continue to use a pirated copy. i’m sorry money is tight, but that’s like saying, I’m broke so I’m going to burn netflix rentals or whatever. it’s not a good excuse…just wait until you get the new computer or can afford a legitimate copy of windows.

that’s just my opinion and I mean no disrespect by it. I just think that this thread is blatantly against forum rules.

hopefully there are no hard feelings. this is my last post in this thread, I promise. I guess it’s up to mods to decide whether to allow this thread or not…


Greg has been with us a while. A very good member. I look forward to reading his posts. While we can’t tell him how to do it we can be a support to him. It’s not like he is a noob with 2 posts looking to crack the world. Microsoft has many bad OS replacment programs that will just about give him a new working copy for free. Perhaps we should explore those options here rather then just shut him down. K


@reason; Sorry reason, didnt mean to be blunt there, I value you opinion just as everyone elses here, no hard feelings at all.

@bfk; I’m not sure if Microsoft is that nice to UK users lol. Heck I hadn;t even heard of rebate till I came here lol. Anyway, thanks for help all the same.


It’s not a rebate. It’s part of the new wga thing. More info to follow. Im sure it’s valid in the UK as well. Uk is a big part of their business


To stay within the law and the rules of the forum, you must purchase a legel copy of Windows XP.
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