Problem with Windows XP boot screen



I just noticed something on my XP SP3. The boot screen (the one with the Windows logo) doesn’t appear smoothly - it appears in two or three ‘steps’ - at first quite dim, then getting brighter step by step. As if there is a ‘catch’ somewhere. Also, the boot time has increased by 3 or 4 seconds. That’s not much, but I would like to know what causes the first problem. Can you help? Thanks.


Can you post your PC specs for us?

Anything in particular that you can think of, that may have changed prior to this? Any software installed, any changes you may have made yourself to Windows settings, any new hardware installed. etc. :slight_smile:


Just solved it! Got a suggestion from a website, which said that the problem could be because of Daemon tools, and a certain file sptd.sys that DT installs on Windows. well, I had DT installed the other day, and that’s when the problem started. I unistalled it, deleted the said file, and Bingo! The problem is gone! Booting time also decreased.
By the way, thanks for replying.


Daemon Tools, eh? Something I would never have associated with that kind of weirdness, so thanks for posting the solution you found :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted out :clap: