Problem with Windows Messenger after changing .net-passport email :(


got one problem using the windows messenger (running WinXP Pro SP2, but that does not matter, because i know WHY this error occured, i don’t know how to fix it… :wink: ):

i changed my .net passport email address to a new one (my gmail address) - and since i did it i don’t see any MSN Messenger contacts online any more… they appear offline all the time - i don’t know if they see that I am online nevertheless…

it was, that after i successfully changed my .net passport email address i got a message from windows messenger @ the first login using the new .net passport email address, that i’d receive an email in my new email address which i should have to confirm - but there never arrived any mail from MS…

so, anyone knows what’s up and how it might be fixed???

thx in advance,



i have exactly the same problem: since i changed my .net password email address to my gmail address, i don’t see anyone online anymore, and my contact don’t see me either. my friends have to add my address to their contacts again and again…

do you know a solution to that problem or should i definitely quit with this **** IM protocol???

Well the same problem here, it seams that the Messenger client doesn’t update the change, so it’s like a new contact, which is completty stupid because it’s the same .net passport account, I had to change back to the old email, to see again everybody. This simply sucks !!!

have you all tried reinstall messenger?
most software get solved if you or update them or reinstall it.
some of my friends have Gmail but they did not obtain such a problem.

i am not into software but could it be that be problem is coused becouse you first had hotmail so you will see all your mails in the box but when you go to G-mail thats changes to, so it might be a conflict, not sure though :confused: