Problem with windows live messenger (msn)

I’m using Windows Live Messenger version 8.0.0812 . I did Re-Install version 8.0.0812 from my computer because it was running slow but I had a problem with my contacts so I had to install the live messenger version again. My problem is, before I do all this kind with uninstall and install, my contacts were shown perfect, but now when somebody adds me, or when I add some person, he’s succesful on my list but I can’t see him online. I mean I saw his e-mail in my list, but he’s always offline. And sometimes when some of them talking to me, they are still offline in my andress list, and there’s an option on the top saying Click here to add him/her now or something like that, when I hit nothing else happens and the contact is still offline. Does it matter because I have in total 1268 contacts? Please somebody let me know!

Try this first. It’s a registry cleaner for Windows Live Messenger policies, provided by one of Microsoft MVP people.

Thanks for the reply, but it’s still the same man.

Had exactly the same problem.

My solution was to delete and re-enter the contact details. Yo seem to have alot of contacts though.

Try updating to 8.1 and see if that helps. If not try the help from the About tab.

sorry for digging up an old thread. i have the same problem too, i have 870 contacts, and quite a handful of them always appear offline on my account, i cant see them online. tried full delete and readd, doesnt work. also tried the above reg, still doesnt work.

in the end i have to create another account just to resolve this problem. although live msn now allows me to talk to them when they appear offline on my side, its still annoying because i can never know when they’re online :frowning:

are you using the latest 8.5.1235 beta? if not then give it a try