Problem with Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux

I have just installed Red Hat Linux on a logical partition and put the GRUB boot loader into the MBR. Now I have to choose between Windows XP, 2000 and Red Hat. The problem is, when I boot Windows 2k, when it is doing “Preparing network connections…” the system suddenly reboots. I think GRUB is causing the problem. How do I remove it from the MBR and put the Windows NT boot loader in ? (I have a floppy disk which linux can be started with)

fdisk /mbr

It does not work :sad: I have tried executing fdisk from the command console in Windows 2000 and XP, but there is no fdisk on my drives!

Does the recovery console have the file ?

I had a similar problem and to solve it I removed Windows XP and now the problem is gone away.

Boot from your NT or XP CD and go to the recovery console and type Fix MBR